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[A-8]High speed fiber laser cutting machine

Product introduction
[A-8]High speed fiber laser cutting machineExcalibur高速光纤激光切割机
Zonal dust removal system
Improved smoke suction system

Advanced electrical equipment
The low inertia motor with integrated gear, high precision rack and pinion provides the machine with extremely high power performance.

Advanced electrical equipment
The machine is powered by a low-inertia motor with integrated gears, high-precision rack and pinion
Has extremely high performance dynamic.

Graphical user interface

High strength aluminum alloy castings

Integrated operating system
The main features
Designed for laser cutting processing and development of new CNC system, the functions for laser processing are integrated within the CNC and quickness, trajectory accurately, a new PIKO makes cutting trajectory more smooth interpolation function, a new open control system, high performance double CPU processor, fieldbus technology, with automatic up-down material system or other function modules rapid convergence, shortening the period of equipment installation and debugging, anti-jamming high reliability.
Complete safety protection system, fully enclosed shielding to completely isolate laser radiation, in line with European standards.
High dynamic performance, the use of the world's leading integrated mechanical and electrical drive device, shorten the transmission chain greatly reduce the system inertia, to achieve high dynamic performance and high motion rigid fast moving. It can cut workpiece with complex contour at high speed.
In front of the exchange table, the user can grasp the cutting progress and plate preparation at the operating position at the same time, without the need for frequent walking.
Full electric column four linkage mechanical synchronous type exchange table, mechanical synchronous, balanced load. Good proximity, easy to load and unload operation. Fully electric drive, no maintenance of hydraulic system.
Auto zoom function, you can set the focus position through the parameters, cutting different thickness, material without manually adjusting the focus.
A new easy-to-use graphical interface that uses touch screens to operate large devices as easily as a tablet computer.
Dual-screen high-resolution multi-touch screen, display more information, keep track of the health of the device.
High strength thermal cast aluminum alloy beam, no casting defects, high structural efficiency, the realization of lightweight and high rigid beam structure, low center of gravity and high rigid beam structure can withstand high acceleration, but still maintain the design accuracy.
Fast automatic edge finding function, independent vision sensor can quickly carry out accurate position on the plate without cutting action.
Rapid follow-up control technology, the use of industrial CPU with strong computing power instead of PLC to carry out the PID calculation and output of z-axis motion control, so that the speed and precision of Z-axis greatly improved.
Intelligent cutting control system: intelligent cutting control system with linchuang laser can monitor the processing status online and realize fast and automatic perforating processing.
New automatic dust removal system for different zones: the system with optimized design can remove the harmful gas and dust produced in the processing process to the maximum extent.
High rigidity and high precision machine tool: through the strict stress treatment of high rigidity bed to ensure the machine tool precision lasting stability.
Technical parameters
The project name 3015 4020 unit
The X axis stroke 3100 4050 mm
The Y axis stroke 1550 2025 mm
The Z axis stroke 80 100 mm
XY positioning accuracy ±0.03 ±0.03 mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy 0.02 0.02 mm/m
Maximum positioning speed of machine tool 210 210 m/min
Maximum acceleration 3 3 g
Laser power 3000-15000 4000-15000 W