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[D-1]Laser cutting machine + feeding robot

Product introduction

[D-1]Laser cutting machine + feeding robot

The main features
1. More economical and safe production can be achieved through automated loading and unloading. Loading and unloading devices form the most compact automatic unit connected to the storage system through linear shafts, through which additional connections can be made to other workstations, such as transport vehicles and platform systems.
2. Automatic unmanned working cycle, with the help of fast loading and unloading function, so that the machine has a high utilization rate.
3. The compact connection with the laser cutting machine makes the space requirements low.
4. The modular design enables it to match with the mainstream laser cutting machine in the market, and can be customized according to customer needs.
Technical parameters

The project name


Maximum feeding plate thickness

6 mm

Maximum blanking plate thickness

6 mm

Maximum workpiece weight

200 kg

Maximum size of loading sheet

3000mm×1500mm(Can be extended to a larger plate width)

Maximum workpiece stack height

500 mm

Air consumption