[06-17] Without Cnc Laser Machine Price
KeyWords:Without Cnc Laser Machine Price[06-17]cutting fabric with cricut freezer paper[$170][06-17]cutting aluminum with a router[$303][06-17]cnc wood cutter machine for sale[$390][06-17]fiber laser cutting aluminum for sale[$293][06-17]mg630 cutter plotter[$477]Our lasers have been built under our CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) standards & tolerances, using strict manufacturing processes that guarantee maximum stability and minimum wear and tear of its components throughout its lifetime. Our machines can operate 24/7. It offers a stable and precise drive system with a Japanese brand displacement axle and accurate and fast step driving motors. The optical system has an American brand lens that has been optimized for outstanding performance during cutting and engraving on different materials.crossfire cnc pro priceOur CAMFive Laser IPG Source Metal Cutter Model FC105A Advance Series with 10x5' full sheet capacity is the fastest and cleanest way to cut metals like steel (stainless, mild, galvanized, mirror) Copper, brass, aluminum, and more, some of them up to 12 mm thick. It offers a stable and precise drive system with a German ball Screw displacement axle, fast Japanese Yaskawa servo driving motors, and dynamic auto-focus.
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Without Cnc Laser Machine Price[06-17]

fabric design cutting machine
handheld laser engraver for metal for sale
X axis stoke52mm
X axis Max.speed62m/min
Y axis stoke430mm
Y axis Max.speed322m/min
Z axis stoke458mm
Z axis Max.speed246m/min
X、Y axis positioning accuracy±0.0453mm/m
A1 A2 stroke366Degree
A1 A2 axis Max.speed133r/min
Repeat positioning accuracy0.0335mm/m
Laser power1000-4000w
Max.round pipe102mm
Max..square tube484x146mm
Brand:China fiber laser cutting machine
rating Value:8
Best Rating:10
Worst Rating:1
review Body:The product is great