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KeyWords:Uv-laser-engraver-price[05-06]orion motor tech 40w co2 laser price[$475][05-06]cutting machines for cutting viral paper price[$495][05-06]a4 size paper cutting and packing machine price[$208][05-06]cutting machine malaysia price[$449][05-06]4x8 laser cutter price[$108]Our CAMFive Laser IPG Source Metal Cutter Model FC105A Advance Series with 10x5' full sheet capacity is the fastest and cleanest way to cut metals like steel (stainless, mild, galvanized, mirror) Copper, brass, aluminum, and more, some of them up to 12 mm thick. It offers a stable and precise drive system with a German ball Screw displacement axle, fast Japanese Yaskawa servo driving motors, and dynamic auto-focus.sheet metal laser cutter for saleAvailable laser power options 1KW – 2KW – 3KW – 4KW – 5KW – 6KW – 8KW. Legend 3015-S is a unique machine with a very low energy consumption and a very fast cutting capacity, l in addition to a minimum maintenance cost. The Lazer Legend 3015-S machine has high productivity and superior quality standards. The chip collection covers open and close according to the position of the cutting head. At the same time, it ensures that there will be no exhaust fumes or smoke in the work environment. The toggle table system is designed to increase workflow, facilitate material placement, and reduce part discharge time.
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used wood cutting machine for sale
kor cutting machine price
X axis stoke372mm
X axis Max.speed302m/min
Y axis stoke397mm
Y axis Max.speed342m/min
Z axis stoke208mm
Z axis Max.speed40m/min
X、Y axis positioning accuracy±0.0129mm/m
A1 A2 stroke276Degree
A1 A2 axis Max.speed398r/min
Repeat positioning accuracy0.047mm/m
Laser power1000-4000w
Max.round pipe260mm
Max..square tube415x385mm
Brand:China fiber laser cutting machine
rating Value:9
Best Rating:10
Worst Rating:1
review Body:The price is very affordable. Thank you